Top 5 common questions among new bloggers and their answers.

blogging is the easiest way of spreading news without spending a huge amount of money. with a blog, you can be heard and also draw attention to yourself. many people especially the youth want to start a blog, that's a good idea though because with a blog you can make some money for yourself, and you know what that means... financial independent.

before starting a blog there is five question you need to ask yourself, answering this questions will make you a successful blogger.

1.why should I start a blog? having the idea of starting a blog is a good one but before you continue I want you to take a pause and ask yourself this question. why should I start a blog? believe me or not the truth remains that many people have different reasons for are some of the reasons.

so before you jump into the blogosphere, you need to jump alone with your goal. having the goal at the back of your mind will make you stand alone among bloggers.

2.what should I blog about? After answering the first question, the next question that follows is your niche. what you should blog about. you can't just start a blog without knowing your niche. every blogger has his or her own niche. before choosing your niche you should first consider your talent, I mean what you are good at because all human are gifted with different talents. so take your time and think of what you are good at, do you love playing football, Game? can you fix a broken android phone/laptop? can you solve Android/PC software problems? are you good in narrating stories? can you gossip? start a blog base on your knowledge and you will never lack what to give your audience.

Knowing what you are good at will make you avoid one of the common mistakes among newbie bloggers. they will look at the top successful bloggers, their niche, and even the template they used for their blog, then the next step they will take is to copy their niche, download their template and use it to create their own blog. that's why we have a lot of ctrl+c and ctrl+v bloggers all over the internet. when you copy others people niche and you run out of idea on what to post you will definitely copy their post and that makes you copy and paste blogger. soon you will get frustrated because search engine won't recognize your blog and that will bring you zero traffic. can I get traffic?traffic is what makes most of the top successful bloggers what they are today. without traffic, your blog will never grow. let me ask you one question. have you seen a celebrity without fans? is that even possible? now let me ask you again, will you continue blogging and whenever you open your dashboard, what you see is zero page view? not encouraging at all. every blogger needs traffic to grow. that's why some spend a lot of money to advertise their blog and have more page view per day. before searching for traffic make sure you have a good content. you can't just invite me for a meal when you don't have food to serve me. same thing applicable in a blog. what your audience need is good content to read anytime they visit your blog. so keep updating your blog always to attract visitors. there is one thing you need to know.traffic is what comes to those who seek it, and is a gradual process, take one step at a time... can I make money on my blog? making money is a common goal among bloggers. yes, every hard work deserves a reward. if you are blogging for fun, you are on your own but, if your first reason of blogging is to make some money then you are with me. honestly, the way things are now every living soul need to struggle to survive. blogging as some belief is not an easy way to make money, and it's not for the lazy one. to make money on your blog you need patient and perseverance. allow your blog to grow first before you monetize it. here are some few ways to make money on your blog. can I be successful? making money on your blog does not make you a successful blogger. I know of someone who used to make up to $1000 a month, but today his blog is no longer in existence, now will you call such a person a successful blogger? not at all. been successful is the dream of every blogger, that is why is good for you to answer the four questions above, set a goal and always remind yourself of that goal, this will keep you active and will make you stand alone. in conclusion

if you need help on setting a blog I will be glad to help you. just use the comment box and don't forget to share.